What are different types of tuck boxes and their uses?

Tuck boxes are the most preferable ones. It is widely used for all the packaging. Tuck box keeps the products secure and fortify. It covers the packaging mostly for cosmetic products, fragile products and electronic products. As I said earlier that all the companies prefer tuck boxes for the packaging and safety.

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Different Types of Tuck Boxes:

As all kind of products cannot be wrapped up in same kind of packaging that’s why we have different kinds of tuck boxes.

Straight Tuck Boxes:

Straight tuck boxes are very common in packaging. The top and bottom panels are attached to the same panels. The design of the straight tuck boxes are just like that tuck boxes fold from front to back and then repeatedly back to front. It also kind of slit locks design and keep the product inside and safe. Straight tuck boxes can be customized also according to your preferences and can keep the heavier product safe too just like candles, cream jars, perfumes etc.

Reverse Tuck Boxes:

Reverse tuck box and straight box have the common characteristics but there is a slight change which is of the closing panels. It is more like one panel is closing to the front of the box and one closing panel is attached to the back of the box. Many industries prefer getting reverse tuck boxes because it handles the pressure and can hold both lightweight and medium weight.

Lock Bottom Boxes:

Lock bottom boxes are specially delineated to hold the weight of heavier items. It is because of the bottom flaps that push into each other, forming a very brawny base that open under the weight. They are very easy to fabricate, and are shipped in flat to save the space. In the lock bottom boxes you have to do such things which are not big deal and described below:

  • First lock the bottom together.
  • Secondly fold the u shaped panel.
  • Thirdly tuck the flaps.
  • Tuck in the fourth panel, and your lock bottom box is ready to use.

Crash Bottom Boxes:

It is also one of the best packaging. It is also used to hold heavier items and have the best support. It also have some kind of mechanism in which you will receive a box in a flat form and when you just need to open you have to pop it. After that the bottom flaps will get back into the place and create a sturdy base to handle the weight.

Tuck Top Boxes:

Because of the side walls, Tuck top boxes is a kind of very strong and long lasting. This book as an opening on the top with two closing tuck flap that goes into the bottom base. Very easy to fabricate. Tuck top boxes covers the products like cosmetic products, any sweet packaging or maybe any jewelry or any kind of gift.

Two Piece Box:

Two pieces box are very sophisticated solution that covers any kind of product it might be fragile or maybe the heavier products and can be luxury products too. It is formed of a tray and a lid, and both components have a double-wall. Which makes this type of packaging more stronger.

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