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Custom Cardboard Boxes

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.


Every brand needs to have the durable packaging for their products to ensure the quality of the product remains protected, the cardboard quality here at Clear Path Packaging ensures that we create the most durable Custom Cardboard Boxes in the most modish style, as it is the demand of almost every industry in the United State of America which creates the aim to deliver the best.


Cardboard stock is the most used stock in the United States as it is found in most of the industries for packaging however making it look different and unique is the main course for us as we try to innovate color schemes and suggest other add-ons to our clients to make every client’s customized cardboard box more appealing in the store racks, websites etc. Stock as in itself will protect the product inside the box but when it comes to the presentation part adding colors gives a new look to the brands products. Our experts are always there for to make sure the clients are offered artworks editing to illustrate the final looks on the box, which attracts the end user to use the product. Whereas all the procedures are double checked by our quality assurance department making it perfect delivery to our valuable clients.


Our clients are from almost every sort of industry in the market such as cosmetic packaging, retail box packaging , Custom food item packaging & etc. which use the cardboard stock for their regular items for the packaging and the stock thickness we offer is always there to protect the products from excessive heat, light, moisture or any other damage making it secure enough for shipping purposes. Customization is what helps our clients to deliver what their customer gets eyes on, and our teams works on each project with the same dedication making it ensure to produce what is exactly in your mind. All you need to do is finalize the style of the box of the available shapes in our range, such as Rectangular, Hexagon, Gable, Sleeve, Cube, Tower, Window, Handle, Pyramid or any customized shape and our production team will be fitting the product perfectly inside it as these are the perks of customization of the box which allows you to innovate the packaging styles making it more eye-catching. Once you choose Clear Path Packaging as your packaging provider you will be having the best experience of ordering customize cardboard boxes as we box the best so it unboxes the best.

High Quality Printing on Cardboard Boxes

Our packaging experts have years of experience which make sure that the artwork file which needs to be printed as illustrated on the computer screens to our clients and they have the exact formulas of the CMYK colors and experience for implementing pantone colors on the cardboard boxes making it presentable and elegant to our clients. Along with that we are using high quality colors making the box look more rich in color. Any color combination can be used to get the artworks printed by our highly maintained printing machines.

Free Shipping All Across USA

Choosing Clear Path Packaging as your packaging provider will satisfy your needs by providing the most fabulous looking boxes within your budget. It will take few minutes of your valuable time to get the price quote from us today so you can email us at or our customer support representative are available 24/7 to assist you and you can call us at 888-430-5197 to get your queries processed. If you like the prices you can get your order delivered free of cost at your door steps with a minimum lead time of 15 business working days.

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