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Driving the Business Growth with Custom Tuck Boxes

Product packaging remains a primary element in influencing consumers’ behavior when they come across a plethora of product choices in a store or online. From high-end attention-grabbing packaging to seamless plain printed boxes, custom printed tuck boxes ensure the brand conspicuously stands out where it matters most.

Straight Tuck Box:

The flaps of a Straight Tuck Boxes fold on each side directly into the box in the same direction from the front to the back or the back to the front.

Reverse Tuck Box:

The flaps of a Reverse Tuck Box fold on each side directly into the box, but in opposite direction. If one side folds into the box from front to back, the other is designed to fold from back to front.

Lock Bottom Box:

The flaps of a Lock Bottom Box flap together on the base of the box. The purpose of making a tuck box in lock bottom box form is to provide an added strength and durability to the box. Such boxes contain heavier items such as small glass jars and candles. 

Crash Bottom Box:

This type of box contains a base lock system in which the opposite flaps are designed and cut to push towards each other. The bottom is securely locked to keep heavier objects inside the box.

Tuck Top Box:

The tuck top box has one opening to the top. The top closing panel of the box contains a small flap which tucks into the top of the box. The bottom of the tuck top box does not open.

Clear Path Packaging has been making quality tuck boxes over the years and has remarkably made use of cutting-edge technology to produce customized printed tuck boxes with die cut windows, hanging tabs, inserts and inside product partitions. Moreover, the packaging company’s designers have stylishly provided eye catching UV finishes wherever required to boost products’ image. These boxes have the potential to attract customers with their designs, quality of text, and colours. The boxes are unquestionably the best in the market in terms of product safety, promotion and a source of augmenting business revenues. .

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