How to Design a Professional Eyelash Packaging?

When customer buys eyelashes, they see the outer packaging first which matters a lot to grab consumer’s attention. For designing the eyelash packaging we have few contents here for that: name of brand, article name, and shade of the article, some kind of social media information, LOGO and slogan.

First: Brand name on the Packaging

Normally we start by the brand name on the packaging because that’s how customer is going to remember your brand and by the name of the brand, customers will have some thoughts about your product and your brand.

Second: Packaging with LOGO

There should be some specifically name of your product written on your packaging so that a customer can easily figure out what is their requirement. Some professional LOGO enhances the value of the brand. Bright colors and lines can easily impress customer.

Third: Colour of the Boxes

The colour of the box. The logo matches with the colour of the packaging. This is the important factor designed by the designer. In this factor the elaborated design is important.

Forth: Brand Name Slogan

Brand name is the eye of the box but the slogan really shows the enthusiasm of the product. The slogan can be elementary or great, fascinating, insightful and should be appealing to the customers.

Fifth: Sharing Social Information

Some social information, your client once buy your product can easily contact you again and can easily read your social information. This also promotes your sales.

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